Magento Certified Developer Plus: Derrik Nyomo

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January 4, 2013 | 11:00 AM

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Briteskies is very proud to announce another weapon has been added to our Magento arsenal with the addition of Derrik Nyomo's Magento Developer Plus certification.

You may recall he only recently earned his certification, demonstrating his skillful ability to use Magento processes, but it simply wasn't enough of a challenge. Through becoming certified plus via the latest Magento Enterprise Edition, v1.12, Derrik also illustrated an in depth knowledge of fundamentals as they apply to specific, customized client requests.

Derrik has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to many of our Magento clients, including Jerry's Hockey, DJ Steaks and Shoffee; he has the ability to provide clients with what they need by understanding precisely what it is they want.

Derrik, Briteskies' Network- Administrator-turned-Developer, maintains an impressive skill set, including expertise in FTP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, CSS, PHP, jQuery, hardware and networks.

Derrik currently holds an Associate's Degree in Information Technology, Computer Network Systems, from ITT Technical Institute. Please help us congratulate Derrik either by leaving a comment or tweeting @NoBrownCow.

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