3 Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Company's Ranking

Lindsey Mink

increase ranking.pngRanking is hard, confusing, and extremely vital for an eCommerce site’s success. Every company’s goal is to organically rank within the first page of Google. Below we further explore the importance of a high-ranking website and provide various tips your company can use to improve your Google ranking.

Why is Ranking Important?

Over the past few years the eCommerce market has sky rocketed, and over half of all total purchases take place online. Not only are these consumers purchasing online, they are doing heavy product research. With so many eCommerce site’s offering similar products and services, it is extremely important for your company to set themselves apart. One way to stand out is by ranking on Google’s first page. Not only will this help your eCommerce website stand out amongst the rest, it will also help to increase website traffic, thus providing an opportunity for your company to increase sales.

Three Steps to a High Ranking

1. Detailed Product Descriptions

Broad content to detailed content! When creating a product description use detail. Recent studies show that the more detailed website pages are ranking higher than the less informative, more broad site pages. This is a result of the customer’s want for specific information on a specific product. While detailed descriptions may not increase your total number of site visitors, it will weed out the valuable, right customers from the high quantity of wrong customers. It is important to provide all possible information the consumer will need surrounding merchandise, as it will stop them from clicking out of your site and going to the next.

2. Website Descriptions

Short and sweet, keyword-filled descriptions are how you rank high on Google. Wrong! The highest-ranking website have the longest meta word counts. The higher the word count the more descriptive a company can be. These descriptive snippets can once again help to attract a customer interested in your product as opposed to those who aren’t. Larger file sizes also attract more traffic as they offer more material on the product or service. By providing a detailed, clutter-free site you can increase your ranking and site circulation. Providing credible information will also gain a consumer’s trust and help your company to build a relationship with your clients. This relationship will keep your customers coming back to your site in turn increasing traffic and ranking.

3. Online Stores

Fast, easy, fuss-free! Creating an easy-to-access online store can greatly improve a website’s ranking. A study down by SearchMetric shows that 56% of the time placing an online store above the fold will increase a company’s ranking. Offering a predominant check-out process not only rank’s you higher on Google, it encourages your customer to buy from your site because you are making it stress-free and user friendly.

Consideration and Purchase Phase Interaction

The three tips above will help to streamline your consideration phase and purchasing phase. While customers may plan to buy in-store, 81% of consumers research all products and services before purchasing. Providing detailed content and website descriptions will increase your ranking regarding consideration searches, while fuss-free check-outs will increase your ranking when the purchasing phase rolls around. Ranking higher in these individual categories will help to increase your company’s overall traffic, resulting in a higher ranking on Google. Along with a higher ranking, providing customers with valuable and credible information will lead them back to your eCommerce site when they are ready to make their final and future purchases.

See you on Google’s First Page!

The consideration phase and purchasing phase hold the key to high search result. By creating an informative website with detailed descriptions your company can climb to the number one search result spot. We hope these three tips can help to increase your ranking and eCommerce site’s traffic. See you on Google’s first page!

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