Best of the Blogosphere: April 1st

Hannah Gierosky
April 1, 2016 | 10:55 AM

Sometimes we come across a blog that is so good that we just have to share it. We will highlight a few of our favorites each month here on the blog, but don't forget to see what else we are sharing on Twitter and Facebook.


Why You Don’t Need to Optimize Your Site for Mobile

This article brings up some great points about why mobile optimization is not necessary for your eCommerce site.

Establishing a successful eCommerce site is tough enough, so why worry about adding mobile to the mix? It’s not like mobile is becoming a more prominent part of the buying process or anything, especially for B2B organizations.

While many people have touted the practicality and success of responsive design for everything from email to eCommerce sites, the hassle just doesn’t seem worth it. In fact, having separate mobile and desktop sites worked out great for commerce giant Target during last year’s Lilly for Target release.

Give the article a read and let us know where you stand when it comes to mobile optimization and responsiveness for eCommerce sites.

The Dark Side of Integrating Your eCommerce and ERP

Integrating your eCommerce site with your ERP is the best way to ensure the success of your eCommerce site, right? Maybe not.

This article takes a look at some of the headaches that come along with an ERP and eCommerce integration, many of which raise the question: is an integration even necessary?

One thing to consider when contemplating an integration is that most ERPs just are not prepared to interact with external systems, and when it comes to multiple points of integration, there are not any tools that can make that situation easier. Instead, you are often stuck with a complicated connection that means an upgrade on either side of the integration affects the entire setup.

With these problems and others to consider, it might be worth it to just skip an integration altogether.




You know we wouldn’t really suggest any of the above tips. We just couldn’t help ourselves but pull a little prank! Check back Monday for the real Best of the Blogosphere roundup.

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