Best of the Blogosphere: January 2017

Hannah Gierosky

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5 Questions Marketers Should Ask in 2017

In this new year, there are some new marketing concerns that companies need to be aware of. While many of these issues are along the same theme as years past (hint: mobile is still a big deal), there are certain questions that marketers need to be asking themselves and their teams to prepare for 2017. Google spoke with 12 marketing and agency executives about what they’re focusing on for this year. 

One of the questions these executives are asking is, “Am I focused on the right metrics for a mobile-first world?” The smartphone has emerged as not just an extension of the desktop, but as a fully-formed, separate method of interacting with brands. With that in mind, Google suggests separating desktop and mobile measurement plans and setting distinct metrics for each.

Another question these marketing executives are asking is, “Do I have a portfolio of assets that appeal to both the immediate and longer-term needs of my customers?” By this, the article means that it’s important to focus on near-term buying moments as well as longer-term information. This is a common theme in content marketing, where the focus is on establishing your organization not only as a resource for purchasing, but a knowledge leader in your field as well. Google suggests taking a holistic view of the customer journey to make sure you’re offering what your customer is looking for at every step of the way.

Check out the other three questions your marketing team should consider for 2017 in the full article.

5 Reasons Why Every High Growth Company Stumbles with Sales Tax

High growth is great—but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Managing sales tax is one of them, because it’s one of the activities that’s usually off a company’s radar. But with a little insight you can manage it as a growing company should, with minimal effort and complete accuracy.

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