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Hannah Gierosky

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15 B2B Sites That Put Design First

By now, we’re sure that you have heard about the importance of establishing a B2B eCommerce site. Mobile B2B traffic is on the rise, and more and more services are adapting their traditionally-B2C offerings for the B2B realm. Regardless of the industry or target audience, all B2B sites should have one thing in common: an easy-to-use and fulfilling customer experience.

The best way to have a standout customer experience on your site is to put design first, and that’s exactly what these 15 B2B sites did. Compiled by Lauren B. Mangiaforte at NewsCred, these sites all share a few things in common: they are B2B, and they have a beautifully executed UX.

If you have a B2B eCommerce site or are thinking of establishing one, let this list be a point of inspiration for your site’s design.

Why JD Edwards Wins the Battle for ERP Leadership

It’s no secret that here at Briteskies, we love JD Edwards. Our team has been working with the ERP programs for years, and we have implemented or upgraded more JDE instances than we can count. This article from Alexander Wolfe at Forbes, “Why JD Edwards Wins the Battle for ERP Leadership,” does a great job of highlighting all that there is to love about JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

As Wolfe states in the article, no matter the functions performed by an ERP system, if it is too difficult to use then it won’t be successful. But the usability of the platform is just one of the many reasons that we love JDE.

Mobile Accessibility

JDE recognizes that mobile devices are playing an increasingly larger role in businesses these days. As such, they have made JDE E1 accessible from tablets and smartphones through their collection of over 80 mobile apps. Additionally, the Mobile Application Framework was released to encourage more app development.

Supports the Business Lifecycle

Senior Vice President of Product Development for Oracle JD Edwards Lyle Ekdahl describes JDE as representing “the life cycle of a business,” and it’s true. From reporting and reconciliations to cloud hosting, JDE can support your business every step of the way.


Much like they realized the growing importance of mobile, JDE stays on top of the modernizing tech world and applies those findings to EnterpriseOne. Recent tools like Cafe One have upped the experience with JDE, making it both an easy to use and increasingly powerful platform.

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