Best of the Blogosphere: June 2016

Hannah Gierosky

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Time Pressure: Behavioral Science Considerations for Mobile Marketing

We’ve talked before about the importance of having a mobile site as part of your eCommerce experience, but simply having the site does not mean that it is going to be successful. In this article from Google, Dan Ariely goes into detail about the context through which your potential customer accesses your mobile site and how it affects their purchasing decisions. 

In discussing the concept of time pressure, the article gives examples of customers shopping in two different scenarios: one who has plenty of time to consider his options, and another who is under pressure to make an immediate decision. Studies have found that when under time pressure, people experience “a narrowing effect, where we channel or tunnel our focus toward a main task and ignore or filter out certain cues.”

This affects your mobile site because customers under time pressure are more likely to focus on one or two main qualities of a product, be they positive or negative, in order to make a purchasing decision. With such a short amount of time to convince your customer, is your mobile site prepared to deliver the necessary information? Read more about time pressure in the article, and take a look at your mobile site to see if it is meeting the needs of customers in a hurry.

Five Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing New Technology

As technology continues to permeate most businesses, more and more business users are becoming involved with the selection process of a new technology. For those decision makers who are not as technologically savvy as, say, a developer, MarketingProfs has five questions to ask before purchasing a new technology.

Although the questions are posed for those looking into new marketing technologies, the inquiries should be the same regardless of what kind of technology is being considered for your organization. Below are two of the questions included in the article. Click over to MarketingProfs to see them all.

1. What does the implementation look like in my environment?

Regardless of how “new and improved” a platform may look in demo, it’s important to keep in mind how it will interact with your existing environment. What customizations do you have? How will they impact the installation and use of this new technology? Make sure to factor those aspects in during the consideration process.

2. What skills does my team need if it is to use and support this technology?

When implementing a new technology, you can’t have just one person who has knowledge of the system. The whole team needs to be confident in the new platform in order to maximize its potential. Before deciding on a new technology, consider the use and support of it in the future. Will you need to work with a consulting team for installation and support? What kind of training will be involved? Remember, regardless of whether you’re installing a new marketing platform or an ERP, training should always be included in the process.

Be sure to check out the rest of the article from MarketingProfs to learn what other questions you need to be asking.

Bonus: Content Marketing Institute Acquired by UBM

Big news in the marketing world this week: Content Marketing Institute was acquired by UBM. Read the announcement from Joe Pulizzi for more information.

Download 5 Questions to ask yourself before starting an eCommerce project.

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