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Hannah Gierosky

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5 Ecommerce Design Mistakes that Could Be Killing Your Sales

This article by Mark Macdonald covers five different aspects of site design that can negatively impact your site’s success, but the first point really stuck out. Macdonald discusses the importance of a clear value proposition and having that content inform the design. This goes along with the concept of content-first design that Michelle explored.

As stated in the article, “a strong value proposition is your argument as to why customers should buy from you when they could buy from the competition.” Although impactful images and functional design are important to emphasize the points made in the value proposition, those elements do not exist in a vacuum. The content needs to be strong enough to support those other pieces.

Macdonald highlights the following elements as crucial for an impactful value proposition: 

  • A headline and, possibly, subheadings, that uses concise and powerful language to emphasize why an item or service is worth purchasing
  • Body copy that illustrates why you are the best option to provide this product or service instead of the competition

With that powerful content working alongside an effective design, your site will see success.

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With JD Edwards 9.1

There has been a lot of chatter surrounding JD Edwards 9.1 recently, especially since this year’s JD Edwards Partner Summit. This article from Syntax takes a look at some of the customizable and responsive features of JDE 9.1 that add a new level of control to the system. Two of those features are One View Reporting and the Health and Safety Incident Management Module.

One View reporting is a tool that is built into JDE 9.1 and that allows users to create and manage their own operational reporting. IT knowledge is not required to utilize this functionality, which makes it accessible to a wider range of business users.

Tracking and reporting safety incidents may not be the most thrilling part of a job, but following environmental and health regulations are crucial to the success of a business. The new Health and Safety Incident Management Module in JDE 9.1 allows safety managers to track incidents and create reports. Plus, it can integrate into insurance systems for added ease of operation.

Our JD Edwards team is discussing the capabilities of the Health and Safety Incident Management solution at our upcoming JD Edwards User Group Event. Click below to learn more.

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