Club 2K 2016

Hannah Gierosky

Club_2K_2016.pngThe Briteskies annual company celebration is always a highly-anticipated event around here, and not just because of the great party. The annual company event brings with it the announcement of the Club 2K members for the previous year. 

Club 2K acknowledges those team members who have billed 2,000 or more hours in the course of a year. Mike Berlin came up with the idea as a way to reward the tremendous effort put forth by the highest performing people at Briteskies.

At this year’s party, a murder mystery dinner at The House of Blues, the following people were recognized for joining Club 2K: 

While each of those people billed more than 2,000 hours in the course of the year, some had even higher accomplishments. Ted Pshock was the top producer for the year, Nathan Giri had the most billable hours, and Mike Iaconis was in a close second.

For Nathan, who has made the list six times now, his top billing accomplishment came as a big surprise.

“I didn’t know until that day that I finished on top. It doesn’t change anything, but I felt like I accomplished something. It’s always good to have that feeling.”

Although Mike Iaconis, who has made the Club 2K list each of his nine years with Briteskies, has been the top billing member for most of those nine years, he was more than gracious about being dethroned by Nathan.

“I am very happy for Nathan’s success last year. Due to some personal issues, I had figured that I wouldn’t bill the most hours, so I was kind of rooting for Nathan to get it. Billing the most hours gives you a sense of satisfaction, but it’s not the most important thing.”

Bob Baird made the list for the first time after his second full year working for Briteskies.

“I missed it by 32 hours in my first full year with the company, and I’m proud to be a member of this select group. I work hard for my client and that gets reflected in higher billings for Briteskies. It benefits both sides and I feel that I am making a difference by what I can deliver.”

No matter how many years someone has been a member of the club, it seems that everyone’s motivation is the same: doing right by the client. 

“I have to do the best job I can for Briteskies and my clients. I also look at myself as one of my client’s employees, so I need to give my best so that the client will be successful,” says Mike.

For Bob, providing great customer service benefits Briteskies as well as the client.

“It gives me great satisfaction knowing that when I deliver a quality product to the client it not only helps them reach their goals but it helps solidify the reputation of Briteskies as a premier consulting company in Northeast Ohio.”

While each of these Briteskies team members works hard for their client, Mark Kucalaba really hit the nail on the head. 

“I treat my work just like everything else that I do and make sure that it is done to the best of my ability, even if that means late nights or long weekends. But making the Club 2K list definitely means that I work too much and need a vacation!”

Congratulations to the latest members of Club 2K! The Briteskies team appreciates all that you do to keep your customers successful.

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