Briteskies Friday Roundup: August 14, 2015

Michelle Kowalski

When you spend as much time on the internet for work as we do, you come across some crazy stuff. We're sharing our favorite videos, stories, pictures, and more from the past week every Friday. Consider it our gift to you for making it through the week. Feel free to share your own favorite internet find in the comments.

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Michelle Kowalski, UI/UX Designer:

84.51°: Inside The Most Intriguing New Building In Town

I hope I can take a tour of this building next time I'm in Cincinnati. The fully open concept space, glass, concrete and "Digital Dust" seem like an interesting combination.

Alternate:  Look how beautiful these end grain cutting boards are. I love watching process videos like this.


Mike Iaconis, Senior JD Edwards Consultant:

Eagle wins battle with drone

If you are going to take your drone for a test flight, make sure it is in an eagle free zone.


Adam Boe, Magento Intern:

The Hateful Eight

I was a huge fan of Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, so I’m hoping The Hateful Eight holds continues Tarantino’s success.


Katie Conaway, Business Analyst:

Something a little ridiculous.

This is very popular with the 11-year-old crowd.


Navarr Barnier, Magento Developer:

Google Project Fi

Project Fi is a very interesting experiment from Google. Instead of charging you a set fee for accessing up to x GB of data, Google Fi (Pronounced like the fi in Wi-Fi), Google only charges you for the amount of data you use. You budget the amount of data that it charges you for – if you don’t use it you get the amount you didn’t use back as credit, and if you use over it you just pay a little bit more (no overage fees).


Dave Balser, JD Edwards Delivery Director:

The Kitchen Sisters

Despite being a regular NPR listener, I wasn’t familiar with the Kitchen Sisters until I heard this morning’s story on ‘Wall Street’, a San Quentin inmate who invests in the market and teaches other inmates how to plan for their financial life outside the prison. Come to find out there is an entire series of interesting stories including traveling Route 66, the birth of Rice-A-Roni and Patti Smith. 


John Kormanec, Solutions Architect:

EL NIÑO VS. THE BLOB  (Not to be confused with El Niño vs. The Blob) 

A lot has been written about El Niño over the past 20 years, as scientists continue to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon and its effects using increasingly sophisticated computer models. This years’ El Niño is predicted to be unusually strong, but its effects may either be reduced or augmented by another meteorological phenomenon occurring off the coast of California known as “the blob”.


Matt Trimmer, Business Analyst:

After 63 years, Globetrotters drop rival Generals as primary opponent

After 63 years, 6 wins, and 13,000+ losses, the Washington Generals will no longer be the Harlem Globetrotters' main punching bag.



Greg Crane, Magento Developer:

Fresh Prince getting revival, Will Smith producing

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is coming back!






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