March Madness 2015

Hannah Gierosky

March Madness has hit the Briteskies office once again! Stefanie, our fearless NCAA leader, has put together the office pool to see who can accurately predict the outcome of this year’s NCAA tournament.


Both the winner and loser of this year’s competition will receive a gift card to, so that they can make a donation to an education-based fundraiser.

Matt Trimmer was last year’s victor, and he seemed eager to reclaim his title, as he was the first person to submit his bracket. For the rest of the Briteskies team, I have a few ranking strategies that have proved beneficial for me in the past. Statistics are time-consuming and can get complicated, just ask Charles Barkley, he is not a fan of analytics. Perhaps he would agree with our solution to choosing winners and losers.

When filling out your bracket, ask yourself these questions instead:

  • Which mascot would win in a fight?
  • Who has a cooler logo?
  • Which team has more aesthetically pleasing school colors?
  • Are any of the school names more interesting than others? Rank them higher. (You’re welcome, Villanova and Gonzaga)
  • Which school’s location would be more fun to visit?

Good luck! How is your bracket doing?

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