New WebSphere Commerce Certification for Briteskies Developer

Hannah Gierosky

Congratulations, Mark!

One of the perks of attending the recent IBM WebSphere Smarter Commerce event was the chance to earn various IBM technical and sales certifications. Briteskies’ Certified WebSphere Commerce Architect, Mark Kucalaba, used the opportunity to earn the title IBM Certified System Administrator-WebSphere Commerce V7.0.

Having already earned the previous version of this certificate, Mark had plenty of prior knowledge in the subject area when it came to preparing for this certification. He also utilized the study materials that IBM provides. Mark focused on the Web Resources to refresh his knowledge as well as learn about new features. As Mark said, “All of that review was helpful, but not as helpful as the real world experience that I get at my client where I use most of the tools and functionality that I was tested on.” He also took the assessment test and a third party practice test in preparation for the real thing.


Certifications such as this one benefit Mark as a consultant, as well as Briteskies and his customers. “Briteskies can easily present me to prospective clients with the certifications that I have earned and the clients can feel confident in the quality of service that they will be receiving,” Mark said.

Because of the benefits for everyone involved, Briteskies supports its team members in the pursuit of certification. Briteskies fully funds certification efforts for team members, including study materials and exam fees, even for failed exams. This plays a big part in the confidence factor for developers going into exams. As Mark said, “Briteskies prides itself on having the best and brightest employees out there, and by having Briteskies pay for failed exams, it gives developers the confidence to take the exam without the fear of high personal, out-of-pocket expenses.” 

A recent IBM Business Partner Webinar “Clients demand the right skills and expertise. Can you deliver?” emphasized the importance of certification as well. IBM cares about the quality and value its products and services provide clients and recognize that educated Business Partners with the right skills and expertise provide more value to their customers. For IBM, this means providing resources and educating partners in essential knowledge and skills that official business partners, like Briteskies, can then pass on to clients. IBM has an extensive toolbox such as Think Academy, IBM Global Training Providers and IBM Software Group Practice Accelerator that business partners can utilize to support not only partner success but client success as well.

Think Academy is a new learning platform that offers content and tools to share IBM strategic imperatives. The IBM Global Training Providers, which helps partners build foundational skills, is the official source of IBM learning content and certification paths. It also provides complete access to prerequisite training for practice accelerators and certifications. The Practice Accelerator track provides increased value to partners that translates into direct benefits for customers, such as expedited deployment of IBM SWG solutions, reduced time to value and reduction in the number of customer’s critical situations.

Our continued partnership with IBM as a Premier Business Partner enables us to fully support our mission of helping our WebSphere Commerce Developers to “stretch, learn and grow,” because both IBM and Briteskies recognizes the increased value certifications bring to our customers. Congratulations again to Mark for achieving his most recent certification!

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