WebSphere Commerce Certifications: Mark Kucalaba, Chris Heino

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March 6, 2013 | 11:00 AM

Congrats to Mark Kucalaba and Chris Heino on their Recent WebSphere Commerce Application Development v.7.0 Certifications


When clients choose to work with development teams, something to look for during the decision-making process is whether or not its members are certified and more than proficient in the technologies with which they work. While quick and dirty has its perks, most will find that they get what the did, and conversely, didn't pay for. Here at Briteskies, we believe not only in providing our clients with premier service and expertise, but in challenging ourselves with continuing education for the betterment of our careers, present and future. This is why we're very proud to announce that Senior WebSphere Commerce Architect/Consultant Mark Kucalaba and WebSphere Commerce Architect Chris Heino, recently passed the WebSphere Commerce 000 - 723 Application Development v.7.0 test, both with near-perfect scores. The 000 - 723 Application Development test covers areas of knowledge including:

  • Architecture and Framework
  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Deployment and Customizations
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Payments and Integrating with External Systems, and
  • Staging and Dataload.

Mark, who's been a Briteskies team member for nearly seven years, plays an integral role on projects for some of our largest IBM WebSphere Commerce clients. Chris, who joined the Briteskies family in 2010, also works tirelessly for our WebSphere Commerce clients, and is endorsed on Linkedin for his expertise with Java, AJAX, ejb, php, bazaarvoice and Endeca.

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