Briteskies Weekly Roundup: April 29, 2016

Michelle Kowalski

When you spend as much time on the internet for work as we do, you come across some crazy stuff. We're sharing our favorite videos, stories, pictures, and more from the past week every Friday. Consider it our gift to you for making it through the week. Feel free to share your own favorite internet find in the comments.

Disclaimer: all opinions reflect the individual who submits them and not Briteskies as a whole or the author of this post.



John Kormanec, Solutions Architect:

NOAA Weather Radio 

With spring and summer storms right around the corner, you may want to consider purchasing a NOAA All Hazards weather radio with S.A.M.E. capabilities.  These devices provide up-to-date weather information 24/7 and can be programmed to sound an alert in the event of an emergency in your area.   Many experts still consider weather radios to be a more reliable source for obtaining urgent weather information than television, the internet, or even smart phone notifications.  Several popular models include Midland’s WR-120 EZ, Reecom’s R-1630, and Sangean’s CL-100.


Mike Iaconis, Senior JD Edwards Consultant:

A little Java vs. .Net humor


Navarr Barnier, Magento Developer:

HTML Rube Goldberg

As web developers, we commonly do things just because we can. So here is a Rube Goldberg Machine using HTML Forms. It’s a decently impressive show of JavaScript.


Greg Crane, Magento Developer:

The weirdest monsters to ever hit the silver screen


Michelle Kowalski, Designer:

John Legend produced a movie about the Obama's first date.


Hannah Gierosky, Marketing Specialist:

Just in case you needed a recap of the Game of Thrones premiere, The Roots have you covered. 


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