Briteskies Weekly Roundup: February 26, 2016

Michelle Kowalski

When you spend as much time on the internet for work as we do, you come across some crazy stuff. We're sharing our favorite videos, stories, pictures, and more from the past week every Friday. Consider it our gift to you for making it through the week. Feel free to share your own favorite internet find in the comments.

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Dave Balser, JD Edwards Delivery Director:

14.4 / 28.8 

This week, The Atlantic took a look back at the first presidential campaign websites from the 1996 race.  The Dole/Kemp site is here, and Clinton/Gore here.  What caught my eye was the modem and connection speed choices on the Clinton/Gore site – that’s bits per second, not megabits.   


Gian Genovesi, Magento Delivery Director:

Microsoft is buying mobile tool vendor Xamarin

Microsoft's latest push to lure developers is a very, very interesting one. With the purchase of Xamarin, it seems they have a plan to, eventually, allow developers to code apps using Microsoft developer tools and allow those apps to be deployed natively on Windows, iOS, AND Android. It's an incredibly audacious goal and move, it'll be super interesting to see it unfold.


Mike Iaconis, Senior JD Edwards Consultant:

Heartbreaking sonogram: Dying twin holds sister's hand

This is so awesome. Dang, my tears just shorted out my keyboard! 

 John Kormanec, Solutions Architect:

New Hope For Cancer Patients

See how some medical researchers are genetically modifying naturally-occurring immune cells to target specific types of cancer.


Rosie Biggs, Office Manager:

Elle's Enchanted Forest

A friend of a friend of mine is raising money to build a Children’s Park in Rocky River for kids with disabilities.


Michelle Kowalski, Designer:


I ordered a pair of Tevas this week for an upcoming trip to Thailand. The Thailand portion of that news is probably more interesting, but I never in a million years thought I would own this style of sandal. #crunchy


Hannah Gierosky, Marketing Specialist:

Fuller House

The Full House spin-off/reunion is finally here!  


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