What Happens When Your IBM i Lead is Out of the Picture?

Bill Onion

IBM i Lead.pngIt’s no secret that IBM i resources are hard to find. IBM i is a powerful platform, and it requires qualified specialists to leverage it to its full potential. So, what do you do if your company’s IBM i lead is suddenly MIA? Whether they abruptly quit or have to take an extended leave of absence, panic can set in, and suddenly it seems like losing one person sends the whole organization into turmoil.

Here are our suggestions for coping with this curveball and getting your team to the other side in one piece.

Talk to Them

The first thing you need to do is figure out how much access you will have to your IBM i lead. This will depend on the reason behind their leave of absence, but it’s possible that you will be able to reach them when issues come up.

A few things to figure out before they make their exit:

  • What kind of documentation do they have that your interim team will need? Anything needed for “day in the life” activities should be straightened out before they leave.
  • Speaking of a day in the life, what does that look like? What systems or jobs are running? How do they manage the box?

Too often, they will be the only person with this information, so get as much out of them as you can before they leave.

Find a Replacement

Once you have as much information as you can gather, look to the rest of your organization to find someone who can pick up the slack. The most important thing to consider when looking for a replacement is whether someone has access to the applications in play, such as EDI. Who has the credentials to access those systems? And do they have the bandwidth to step in?

If you don’t have a long term replacement in your ranks, you will need to start the recruiting process. Whether you go through a recruiter or use referrals from others in the industry, bringing in someone to help keep things on track will make a big difference.


Your IBM i stores some sensitive information, and security is always a concern. So, regardless of whether your IBM i lead is returning or not, you should shut down their access while they are out. Access to networks, servers, and any other pertinent data should be revoked during this time.

Find a Partner

The best solution is to form a relationship with a reliable partner before you even need a resource. We suggest finding a company that has a team or pool of resources to pull from and establish a relationship with them before disaster strikes. Then, should the time come, you have a team of people you trust who can step in and help.

Is your team in panic mode because your IBM i lead is down for the count? No need to panic, we have you. Take a deep breath, then contact our team.

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