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Bill Onion

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There are many e-Commerce software packages, as well as a number of different models for acquiring the rights to use e-Commerce software. I, personally, am a staunch supporter of IBM WebSphere Commerce software.

It Just Works!

WebSphere Commerce has been available for a very long time. This being the reality, I feel confident in knowing that IBM has worked out any “ghosts in the machine”. IBM has also built in most of the functionality that users want and need in an e-Commerce software. In my experience, this software simply works. From the inception of a project, through its completion and long after, I know I can count on it.

It’s a World Class Software System

IBM WebSphere Commerce software is consistently ranked as the number one e-Commerce software package in the world. In October 2010, Forrester ranked Commerce as the number one B2C package in its “Wave Report:”

"IBM’s WebSphere Commerce represents a highly flexible and scalable enterprise B2C e-Commerce solution, with significant adoption within the top tier of e-Commerce retailers, and it continues to have successful growth.”

Gartner also consistently ranks IBM WebSphere Commerce as the number one e-Commerce system in its “Magic Quadrant for e-Commerce”. IBM WebSphere Commerce has many implementations in a wide array of industries and geographies; it consistently appears on client shortlists and wins deals due to its functionality, and its capability to extend the product to create innovative customer experiences that can span multiple channels.

Depth and Breadth of IBM

Being an incredibly large organization, IBM can deploy an army of resources for any potential issue. Moreover, IBM employs a sizable team which includes over 300 developers dedicated specifically to enhancing WebSphere Commerce software. Suffice it to say, should you encounter any problems, they’ll have it pretty well covered.


Put simply, I liken WebSphere Commerce software to Craftsman tools. My dad loved Craftsman; they were high quality tools that simply worked. If one of those tools happened to break, we took it in to the local Sears where it was immediately replaced, no questions asked. WebSphere Commerce is exactly like that, you’re given a guarantee that it will work, every time and correctly.

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