12 Days of ECommerce Christmas: Part 4


Although the weather outside is anything but frightful, now is the time to prepare your site for a delightful holiday season. As the traditional 12 Days of Christmas carol illustrates, no one can prepare for the holiday rush in a single day. As our three previous installments (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) have shown, the 12 Days Carol correlates well with the rush of preparing for holiday shoppers. This final post rounds out the series to ensure that you have the best holiday season yet. 

4 Calling Birds

12-days-ecommerce-4So, your potential customers have checked out your updated product descriptions, read customer reviews and placed items in their shopping carts. But what if your customer leaves the site without checking out? This is a great time to use your email skills and send out a cart abandonment email campaign.

Retailers lose $18 billion due to shopping cart abandonment every year. That is a statistic that you can’t afford to contribute to this holiday season.

According to an infographic from Get Elastic, every single cart abandonment email that is sent delivers over $5 in revenue. That infographic includes other important stats such as:

  • Over 1/8 of cart abandonment emails are clicked
  • Over 1/3 of those clicks lead to a purchase on the site
  • The average order value of purchases made following cart abandonment emails is 19% higher than typical purchases

If you have followed all of the previous tips, then cart abandonment email campaigns can be a great last addition to boost your revenue this holiday season, as well as year round. 

3 French Hens

12-days-ecommerce-3We’re going to be honest with you here: we have no idea what purpose French hens serve. Are they livestock? Are they for exhibition? Why would you want 3 of them? Even more confusing than French hens is sales tax.

Between sales tax holidays, and differences in cities and counties as well as states, selling and shipping to customers across the country (or around the world) can be incredibly complicated and nuanced. If any of these specifications are overlooked, whether intentionally or accidentally, your company is vulnerable to a host of legal issues. Do as much research as possible and consult the professionals.

Our partners at Avalara have some great resources for learning about the specifics of sales tax regulations. Be sure to get those issues in order before the holidays hit.

2 Turtledoves

12-days-ecommerce-2A pair of turtledoves is an ultimate example of true love. The bond between them is not unlike the relationship between a devoted shopper and their failsafe eCommerce site.

Although a large portion of your new customers this holiday season will be shopping for gifts, they may find something they like for themselves as well. Now is the time to establish a solid relationship with new shoppers by engaging them and encouraging their return to your site.

As our own Gian Genovesi discussed in his article, The 4 Pillars of Interactive Marketing, Customer Lifetime Value benefits greatly from rewarding customer loyalty. This can be in the form of reward programs, email campaigns or members-only sales. By re-engaging previously converted customers in a memorable (but not annoying) way, your new holiday season customers can become year-round shoppers.

If you have been following our rendition of the 12 Days of an eCommerce Christmas, then you have learned how we have cleverly related the gifts highlighted in the song to eCommerce. We know you are equally shocked at our ability to tie an age-old Christmas carol to the modern concept of online retail. Yeah, we were skeptical ourselves when we debated the idea. However, we agree that we were pretty creative and in tune with the eCommerce world. No worries, there isn’t a plan to shoot a music video.

And now for the pay off; what does it truly mean to be the partridge in the pear tree?

1 Partridge

12-days-ecommerce-1If you have followed the previous 11 tips, then at this point you should have the ultimate gift: one happy customer who likes to visit your site and take advantage of the fruits of your labor. Not only does that one happy customer spend more and return to your site, they refer you to others. Whether that’s by word of mouth to family and friends, through positive feedback on social media, or by leaving 5 star reviews on your site, a happy customer is the ultimate marketing resource.

So, here is to receiving a partridge this holiday season!

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