Oracle JDE and IBM: An Optimal Relationship



Oracle JD Edwards and IBM have enjoyed a celebrated thirty-year partnership. It is an association deeply rooted in technology history and based on a mutual commitment to their clients to provide superior services. The affiliation began when JD Edwards ran almost exclusively on the IBM AS/400. It has survived changes in ownership, branding and demand for countless new business processes.

The latest innovation is IBM’s release of the latest version of IBM iSolution Edition for JD Edwards; supported by Power 7 technology that is optimized for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World applications. The result: improved performance and decreased hardware costs. According to IBM, the release of IBM i7.2, “focuses on delivering solutions for today’s IT challenges and integrating advanced technologies…on delivering feature-rich support for today’s latest computing trends—mobile devices and cloud delivery models, and more powerful advanced middleware.“

IBM iSolution Edition for JD Edwards Highlights:

  • Includes all infrastructure hardware and middleware needed
  • Improved Installation services—rapid install process—fastest lowest risk installation available; able to be customized
  • Database, middleware and integrated storage included

Benefits of upgrading to iSolution Edition for JD Edwards:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce cost—38% more performance (decreased online response time and batch run time)
  • Scalable—ability to support thousands of concurrent users
  • Coordinated Support Resources—JDE trained in IBM /JDE cross training

As has been the goal from the beginning, these enhancements allow clients to grow and manage their systems JDE application more effectively. Customers can focus their attention on innovation instead of internal IT data operations. With the release of the Solution edition, which contains all components needed to effectively run JDE, IBM has provided an even more powerful tool for customers.

Knowing why to upgrade may be the easy part; knowing when is a whole other story. A logical, though somewhat frightening, thought is to upgrade your hardware and operating system in conjunction with a software upgrade. While initially it may seem like an overwhelming endeavor, it makes a lot of sense to consider them at the same time. 

Because of the long standing, powerful and stable environment offered by the IBM Power systems, upgrading hardware may often fall down the priority list of IT considerations for organizations. The latest versions of JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne provide business users with features and functions that can help them increase efficiency and reduce business costs. Although the current hardware is adequately servicing your needs, there may be opportunities for improvement. Some of the latest improvements in IBM hardware can help you gain even further cost savings and efficiencies. As a result, organizations should not shy away from reviewing their needs to determine if a hardware upgrade will benefit their proposed software upgrade.

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