5 Processes to Implement After Upgrading to JD Edwards World A9.3

Dave Balser

Now that you have upgraded to JD Edwards World A9.3, there are a host of new features and functionalities to take advantage of. We recommend implementing these new or enhanced features as follow-on projects to the upgrade. roi

1. The Purchase Order Receipts History file F43121H can be a big help when reconciling the Received Not Vouchered account. The file should have been created as a step in the upgrade process, but if it was not, you can run P43121H to build it. If you are using a manual process to reconcile Received Not Vouchered, you should also look at the RNV – G/L As Of reconciliation program P43452 as a possible replacement for your current process.

2. A Price Book for Advanced Pricing was the number one requested enhancement and Oracle/JDEdwards delivered. This program allows you to print price lists for customers, customer groups, items, and simple item groups. And, because it integrates with BI Publisher, you can produce professional-looking price lists to email or output as a CSV or PDF. 

3. Positive Pay is a process intended to reduce check fraud by sending paper check records to the bank for matching to the actual payment documents presented. Prior to its availability in JD Edwards, many customers wrote custom processes to extract and send the records to the bank. If these custom programs were not removed and replaced by base positive pay functionality during the upgrade, this may be one of the easiest post-upgrade projects to tackle.

4. Batch Ship Confirmation (P42051) is another opportunity to remove a custom program and replace it with base JDE functionality. For years, clients had to modify the standard JDE interactive ship confirmation program, converting it to run in batch to interface shipping devices and carrier programs. Now that a batch version of the program exists, it may be possible to remove these mods.

5. Security administration can be simplified significantly with Role Based Security. This project will require a time commitment in order to define the roles and assign users to them, but coupled with A9.3’s improved SOX Separation of Duties Reporting, it can greatly improve a company’s security and compliance profile.  


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