Benefits of Migrating from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne

Dave Balser

world_to_E1.pngFor companies that are still running legacy versions of JD Edwards World (A7.3, A8.1, A9.1), there are three general upgrade options available:

Each of these options has their benefits and drawbacks depending on the needs and goals of the organization, but let’s take a look at the benefits of upgrading your legacy JDE World system to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.


Migrating from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne does take some time, but thanks to migration paths from World to E1 provided by Oracle, which includes scripts for converting configuration settings and business data, it’s significantly easier than it could be.

Training is often a lengthy process for a system migration, but since system constants, underlying configurations, order activity rules, and processing options for most EnterpriseOne modules are nearly identical to those in World, users do not need to completely relearn how the system works. User training is instead limited to the new user interface, and IT staff will need to be trained on the underlying CNC technology.

Additionally, Business Users already understand how to configure and use the software, as it’s the same in E1 as in World, and since IBM i can remain the primary server, a lot of IT admin expertise is retained as well.

The beauty of migrating from World to EnterpriseOne is that the JD Edwards systems operate the same way, only requiring users to get to know the new UI.


Migrating to EnterpriseOne provides all the benefits of a re-platform without losing core system knowledge. There is a new, modern, browser-based system and elegant new User Interface, as well as enhanced features and functions within the software.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne also features natively delivered mobile features and capabilities, allowing users to leverage mobile devices in the workforce. Along with the stunning reporting capabilities from the One View Reporting tools and the modern software system, these new features will make a big difference for users coming from World.

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