6 Reasons Why JDE World Shops Should Consider Upgrading to E1

Bill Onion

Briteskies works heavily in the JDE World ERP sector, whether it’s maintaining existing manufacturing and distribution modules or connecting the ERP to modern third-party tools and systems, many of our clients are considering next steps for their ERP. When considering a replacement ERP for JDE World, JDE EnterpriseOne should most definitely be on your list.

Here are 6 reasons why:

JDE E1 Offers an Enhanced User Interface

All Aboard the World to E1 Train

One of the biggest challenges implementers face is the resistance to change by business users. Chances are your team is used to JDE World, they have their systems, their reports, and their way of doing things. We get that, and the move from World to E1 is seamless in this aspect – this brings us to reason #1: By staying in the J.D. Edwards environment, your business users will find themselves in a similar operational environment to World, but with a sleeker and more elegant user interface offered by EnterpriseOne.

Flatten the E1 Learning Curve

Now that you have a willing and able community, we have reason #2 to move from World to E1. By staying on a similar, yet more modern UI, your business users and ERP interfacers will have a significantly decreased learning curve compared to if you had moved to a completely new ERP. While features and modules will expand, the learning curve will still stay relatively simple and straightforward. This significantly reduces software operational set-up, necessary employee training, and will be attractive to new recruits down the road.

Modern Technology, Capabilities, and Look

Modernizing the Who, What, Where and How of Connecting Your ERP

While World can and does implement well with modern technologies, the built-in capabilities of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne includes various enhancements to connecting to the ever-expanding world of third-party modern tools. This brings us to reason #3, using Orchestrator or Business Services (BSSV), you can manipulate real-time business data to better enhance your business needs. This, showcasing reason #4, includes real-time reporting capabilities thanks to the One View reporting tool.

E1 also features natively delivered mobile features and capabilities which provide you with the ability to leverage mobile devices in the workforce. This is reason #5, and in essence means that businesses with on-the-road salesforces, customer portals, or remote workforces can use mobile tablets to easily input and access data.

JDE E1 Offers More Hardware Options

Last, but not least, we have reason #6. Unlike JDE World which runs solely on the IBM i PowerSystem (something near and dear to Briteskies’s heart), sometimes it’s nice to have options. While the IBM i (AS/400) can remain as the primary server allowing you to retain your company’s existing IT administrator expertise and hardware, JDE E1 can also be run on Windows or Linux servers allowing you to keep your infrastructure and system administration options open.

As companies choose to upgrade their JDE World ERP, whether considering cloud or on-premise options, EnterpriseOne should most definitely be on the shortlist.

Curious what a World to E1 implementation would cost? Share a few details with our team and get a budgetary estimate for your company. 

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