Adobe Commerce June Feature Release


Adobe Commerce powered by Magento is constantly adding new features to improve your eCommerce experience. The June Feature Release had a number of new features and Briteskies is here to break them down for you. 

Adobe Commerce June Release: Feature Updates

  • Marketplace Integration
  • API Mesh
  • Readiness Indicator for Product Recommending


Customer demand for omnichannel fulfillment and flexibility has been increasing. Adobe Commerce is offering a new feature that has become crucial to consumers over these past years. Buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) allows your customers to place and pay for an order online and then pick it up at the physical store location that is most convenient for them. According to eMarketer BOPIS sales revenue more than doubled in 2020 in the United States, and this trend is expected to continue through 2024BOPIS growth graphic

Marketplace Integration with Walmart Marketplace

MarketplaceMarketplaces are a great way for smaller businesses to get their product in front of a larger customer base. Adobe Commerce is now offering Channel Manager, a free extension that allows U.S.-based merchants to increase their sales, reach a new and larger customer base, streamline their operations, and save precious time by integrating their catalog, inventory, pricing, and orders to Walmart Marketplace, the second-largest online marketplace in the nation. Though there may be transaction fees associated with the free setup, it is a sure-fire way to reach a larger audience with your merchandise. 

API Mesh  

Adobe has announced a beta program for API mesh. This will help customers easily tie together multiple sources of data and microservices from across the organization into a single unified layer. Businesses can integrate API for content, assets, search, shipping, inventory, and other applications with their commerce API to deliver excellent experiences to their shoppers. The API Mesh helps with reducing both times to value as well as the cost of ownership for integrations. Additionally, the API Mesh helps developers monitor, secure, and scale their API while providing API extensibility in low-code or no-code environments.

You can sign up for the Adobe API Mesh Beta Program here.API Mesh

Readiness Indicators for Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations will soon have indicators to tell merchants when each of the different recommendation types is ready to be used. This removes the guesswork from when recommendation units have enough data to deploy showing immediate results. While this feature is not live yet it will be released very soon.

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