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JD Edwards World software, built on a 30 year partnership between Oracle/JDE and IBM, is the greatest software system in the ‘World’. This system, first launched in the mid 1980s, provides a robust and stable ERP system for mid-market companies and delivers advanced functionality typically only available to larger enterprises. Built for the IBM iSeries platform, JDE World is installed in thousands of shops around the country and around the world. Quite simply, I (and all of us at Briteskies) love JDE World!

JDE World Runs on the Best Hardware on the Planet

Whether you call it an IBM Power i, the System i, iSeries, or even AS/400, the underlying hardware (and related OS) simply works and does not go down.  Some folks call it the Sherman tank of computer systems. The Power i, and all the previous iterations of hardware, have provided +99.9% uptime, better than any other hardware on the planet.  This system has never had a recorded virus – ever.  Also, the Operating system currently runs on 128 bit architecture – again, no other hardware stack is doing this.  This system has the fastest disk drives of any system in the world.  And then there is the database!  It provides instant indexing, with no need to re-index the files, ever.  It also allows you to backup while active, providing the ability to have 24/7 access to the data.

JDE World Software is Great

JD Edwards World software is a reliable and stable software system that does not require frequent software updates. This system also offers greater than 99% software quality and 99.7% system availability. This system simply never goes down, and quite frankly, it just works. If the underlying hardware is up and running, the JDE World system is up and running. This system is also simple to maintain. Typically, and almost always, the in-house staff can support it with no need for external consultants. Finally, and most importantly, this system is protected with a comprehensive, well-defined product roadmap, backed with Oracle's Lifetime Support and Applications Unlimited policies.

Why Not Upgrade World?

Companies that are currently running an older version of JDE World have many options available to them for modernizing their ERP. A key question to ask is, “Why not JDE World?” There are many advantages of upgrading the JDE World software to the latest release (currently A9.3). First, there are a plethora of new features and functionality in A9.3. Some of the key features include Approval Routing for Address Book changes, Batch and Reverse Ship Confirmation, Z-Files for Item Master files (finally), and SOX compliance functionality. By upgrading, most companies eliminate at least 50% of their custom code. Typically, the customization logic has been included in the more recent version of the software. Also, upgrading to the latest version eliminates the need to retrain the workforce for a new user interface, virtually eliminating the training issues of a new User Interface. Finally, sticking with JDE World allows your organization to continue to leverage your seasoned IT professionals. These folks typically have years and years of industry expertise, not to mention years of expertise within their own companies. This expertise is hard to replace.

JDE is Back

Some people would argue that JDE has never gone away, but the market and the competition hit them hard in the early 2000s. Now, after making a huge investment in their software systems, JDE is back, bigger and stronger than ever. Oracle/JDE is enhancing both the World and Enterprise One system, with a heavy emphasis on helping companies to upgrade to the current release. The marketing strategy is “Get to the 9s” and the marketing is everywhere. There is even a couple of websites dedicated solely to upgrading JD Edwards systems ( and With all of these new developments and investments in the JDE system, the software has a road map through the year 2026. This should give every current customer and any new customer the peace of mind that any investment in JDE software will be supported by JDE and Oracle.

Indeed, Why Not World?

JDE World has a large and passionate fan base. This group of JDE loyalists should be excited for the changes at Oracle/JDE and for the direction their beloved World software is headed. Indeed, why not upgrade JDE World?

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