Briteskies Celebrates its 14th Anniversary

Hannah Gierosky


This past June marked the 14th anniversary of Briteskies, which provided an opportunity to reflect on the progress our company has made since its inception in 2000. What started as an idea by Mike Berlin has grown into a successful and innovative organization with a commitment to customer satisfaction through the hard work of both Executive Partner Mike and Managing Director Bill Onion.

Briteskies was founded with a vision of becoming a knowledge leader for ecommerce solutions, enterprise software and the integration of these business-critical systems. In addition, at Briteskies we take pride in being trusted by our customers. That reputation of confidence and success has come through hard work and dedicated team members who put the customer first. A key part of the company’s mission statement relates to customer service, stating that our mission is to “help our customers take their brands, products and services to the online marketplace. Deliver value through strategic planning, technical innovation and project deployment. Embody fanatical passion for service to our partners and our team members.”

Our history of putting the customer first is evident through our network of long-term customers, many of which have been with us for over ten years. Anne Rodriguez, Ecommerce Manager at InHouz, had this to say about her company’s experience with the Briteskies team:

“Briteskies delivers solid strategic solutions. They don’t speak about projects in terms of “easy, fast or cheap,” but, “requirements, definition and vision,” and that’s the difference between a good ecommerce development company and a GREAT ecommerce development company. The importance that Briteskies conveyed early on for understanding our needs and goals was exhibited throughout each intelligent solution they presented. With this level of understanding we feel confident that Briteskies will continue to add value to InHouz.

Briteskies isn’t a “launch it and leave it” kind of company. The development of was like building a dream mansion brick-by-brick. There were times along the way that you wanted to stop and enjoy the progess, especially at the end (which isn’t really the end) but Briteskies kept us in line with the next set of goals, the ones after that and the post-launch goals. It’s like having a great teammate that works alongside you to reach every goal, celebrate your victories and keep moving.”

Along with inspiring trust in your customers, instilling confidence in your team is a crucial aspect of a successful organization. From the beginning, Bill and Mike knew that it is the people in a company that drive success, and part of the Briteskies Mission Statement focuses on providing employees with opportunities to achieve that success.

“Provide an amazing, fun and diverse work environment for our talented team. Foster an environment where each member has the opportunity to stretch, learn and grow.”

Nathan Giri was the first employee hired by Mike and Bill, and he has remained with the company through the first 14 years. When asked why he took a risk and joined the young company, Nathan said, simply, “It was Bill and Mike. I just trusted them.”

“The family environment here is what has made me stay,” Nathan said. “There is no stress working for Briteskies, so I have not felt the need to look around for other opportunities. It is a fun place to work.”

Congratulations, team, on a successful first 14 years, and here is to many more!

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