Briteskies' Favorite Third-Party Magento Modules: uRapidFlow

Hannah Gierosky

We love working with Magento, and highly recommend it for our clients and their eCommerce needs. But, no platform is perfect, and that’s when third-party modules come in handy. They can be applied to your Magento site to fully leverage its power and utilize it to your business’ success.


Described as the top third-party tool that we use in Magento by Derrik Nyomo, Lead Magento Developer and Network Administrator for Briteskies, uRapidFlow provides a fast, effective process for loading mass amounts of product data into Magento.

uRapidFlow, created by Unirgy, is able to create both simple and configurable products in one load, no matter how many data entries are in the CSV file. It can create attributes and categories on the fly, and it has an effective header mapping system to define columns and their corresponding Magento attributes.

Other notable features of uRapidFlow include:

  • The module ignores empty or commented out rows in the CSV file.
  • It can recognize and skip records that do not require updates.
  • If a row in the CSV file contains multiple errors and warnings, it will log them all.
  • Images can be downloaded off of the servers.

For our team, one of the best examples of uRapidFlow’s power came when we had a tricky load process with a client. The way that the attributes in this project needed to be loaded was very selective and required a different format than is usually used in uRapidFlow. After discussing the issue with the uRapidFlow team, they were able to customize a load process just for our unique case, providing a smooth load and avoiding a delay in the project.

Are you interested in implementing uRapidFlow? Have another Magento problem you need to work out? Contact our Magento team.

Stay tuned for profiles of more of our favorite third-party Magento modules.

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