Changing the Fiscal Year End in JD Edwards

Dave Balser

fiscal year end change.pngThere are plenty of changes that come with a business acquisition for companies running JD Edwards, especially when it comes to business processes and the Fixed Assets module. When one of our clients was acquired by a larger company, they had to adjust to the parent company’s fiscal year, changing from a June 30 fiscal year end to December 31.

JD Edwards has a process to change the fiscal year for the trial balance in the General Ledger, and our team followed that process to update the GL. However, the change in fiscal year affected our clients Fixed Assets as well, and JD Edwards does not have an inherent process to change the fiscal year of Fixed Assets.

In order to keep the integrity between Fixed Assets and the General Ledger, our team had to go into our client’s JDE software to realign the periods in Fixed Assets with the revised periods in the GL. Our team wrote custom code to shift everything in the Fixed Assets balance file by six months so that it would match with the client’s new fiscal year. 

Our custom solution was a two-step process: the first step involved making changes to the JD Edwards system configuration including reviewing and revising depreciation rules as needed, and the second was behind the scenes to move the data in the balance file, which required the custom programs.

By working with our team, our client was able to leverage their existing JD Edwards capabilities in order to resolve this fiscal year end change. While some custom coding was required, no new software needed to be implemented, and the entire process was minimally disruptive of day-to-day business. Now, our client’s fiscal year matches that of their parent company, and they are set up for success.

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