Confirmation Pages Hold Endless Opportunities

Lindsey Mink

Every company’s goal is to gain leads, nurture them, and then turn those leads into sales. More leads equals more sales and more sales equals more revenue. It’s a crazy, continuous cycle that drives a company’s success. Confirmation pages are breeding grounds for leads as your customer has committed to you once and are now more open to what you have to offer.


The Sales Process is Not Over

As one door closes another one opens. Confirmation pages are the start to a new sales process, as one purchase is ending and the potential for a new purchase is beginning. For this reason, you must look at confirmation pages as top of the funnel and bottom of the funnel tools. A BOTF page can be converted into a TOTF page by offering something that intrigues your customer, thus taking them deeper into your site, resulting in further purchases or research.

7 Tips for the Perfect Confirmation Page

Confirmation pages stand as your company’s last chance to make an impression on your customer. Your last words, your last offer, your last standing imprint is all dependent on the formatting of your Thank You page. These 7 tips should help your company to make a strong lasting impression. 

  1. Keep Shopping

Provide your customers with further suggestions on products they may have interest in or are similar. Whether they click on the products immediately or come back later, you are demonstrating you have more material they may want. A “Keep Shopping” section pulls your customers into your site in a subtle, non-forceful way.

  1. Create an Account

Adding a “Create an Account” option to your confirmation page can be helpful for future transactions. For example, you can market an easier check-out process along with harnessing the customers contact information for other potential uses. Your company is also creating a sense of belonging for the customer as they are now a part of the company. Marketing a simplified check-out and the idea of a community can create a familiarity that will drive consumers back to your site in the future. 

  1. Opt-In to an Email List

Providing the option of an opt-in email list gives new customers the chance to sign up for future sales and coupons. This gives your company the chance to keep their attention and stay relevant in their minds. Opt-in email lists are also a great way to acquire a customer’s contact information without them feeling pressured to give it to you.

  1. Share on Social Media

Add social share buttons for further marketing. Often, customers are going to be excited about their new purchase and want to show them off to family and friends. By giving them this option you are encouraging their urge to share, thus increasing your company’s marketing opportunities. By including a product page link in the share message you also have the potential to bring customers directly to your product pages. Share buttons not only increase validity but can be used to promote your products.

  1. Complete a Survey

Offering a survey shows consumers that you are interested in their opinion. It makes them feel like you want to make them happy and forms a more personal bond. Forming this type of bond can help to keep your customers loyal. Another perk of offering a survey is that customers may return to your site to see if their comments were taken into consideration. You are also gathering valuable information on improvements your site may need to become more successful. 

  1. How-To Videos

Once the purchase is complete you can add tutorials, helpful tips, or other videos that a customer might want to refence for product information. This shows your customer that you truly care about their needs after the final purchase. They may also come back to your website to refence those videos when their product arrives. When they return you are being given another opportunity to entice them and make a sale.

  1. Provide a Coupon

You’ve already sold the customer on your product or service. They’ve committed to you and there is a strong chance they will commit again. A combination of other things they may like and a limited-time coupon is just the push they may need to complete another transaction. This becomes a win-win situation as the customer feels they are getting a good deal and you are cashing in another sale.

Say More than Thank You

Saying thank you is a start but should not be the end. When formatting confirmation pages be sure to include other offers that may interest your customer. When working in the competitive eCommerce market, it is important to take every opportunity to establish a strong, loyal relationship with your customer. Extending your relationship beyond the point of transaction will guarantee a higher site return rate and stronger customer connections. Moral of the story? Don’t stop at thank you. 

A Great Offer, Just a Click Away

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