New Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 Capabilities

Gian Genovesi

magento_2.0_capabilities.pngWhat's new in Magento 2.0?

Magento recently released a webinar that goes into detail about Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0. Paul Boisvert, VP of Digital Commerce Product Management at Magento, introduced a host of new capabilities that can be used to drastically improve your Magento site.

The new features fall into four categories: Engaging Shopper Experiences, Intuitive Merchant Experience, Enterprise Scale and Performance, and Modern Platform Architecture. While each of these categories contains many exciting updates, we’re going to focus on Engaging Shopper Experiences and Modern Platform Architecture. Be sure to check out the webinar for information on the other capabilities.

Engaging Shopper Experiences

Enterprise 2.0 delivers new and improved features that help enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

The new, more streamlined checkout follows industry best practices and reduces the number of steps to checkout from five to two. Minimizing the amount of information shoppers are required to enter will boost conversions and sales, and the new one-click account creation on the order confirmation page will boost customer registrations.

Enterprise 2.0 boasts integrated product videos, one of many reasons to consider moving from Community to Enterprise 2.0. As cited in the webinar, research shows that video viewers are 1.7 times more likely to purchase a project and have 2.5 times higher average order values than non-viewers. Enterprise 2.0 allows for the easy addition of videos to a product page by embedding YouTube or Vimeo URLs in the PDP, an easy way to potentially increase AOV.

As we all know by now, responsive design is hugely beneficial in creating a successful mobile site. The new responsive designs found in Enterprise 2.0 aid in mobile-friendly site creation. There are two new responsive design reference themes that are able to be fully customized, and are optimized for performance.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, Enterprise 2.0 has integrated payment gateways to enable secure shopping and easier PCI compliance. With third-party embedded APIs, IFrames, and third-party hosted payment pages, payment information goes directly from your customer’s browser to the payment gateway. Unlike the Magento Payment Bridge, these integrated gateways do not require a separate server. Additionally, Enterprise 2.0 integrates out of the box with payment gateways such as Braintree, Authorize.Net, PayPal, CyberSource, and worldpay.

Modern Platform Architecture

The modern platform architecture found in Magento 2.0 enables fast, flexible, and affordable development in order to provide a faster time to market and easier customization, maintenance, and updates.

These changes have made the platform architecture more accessible for developers and more efficient for them to use. These enhancements allow for faster, more affordable customizations and integrations.

Enterprise 2.0 also has automated testing that allows for faster QA and higher-quality code. The test-driven development is one of the aspects leading to a faster time to market. These tests include hundreds of unit, integration, JavaScript, performance, static code analysis, integrity and legacy, and functional tests. You can also use the framework to create your own tests that are specific to your Magento instance.

All of these architectural changes mean that there is less of a chance of breakage when adding new functionality or upgrading to Enterprise 2.0. The improved design makes adding new functionality easier, and the more stable interfaces reduce chances of breakage during upgrades. There is also a standalone installer to check for conflicts. These features mean that Enterprise 2.0 can be upgraded more frequently in order to deliver top of the line technology.  

While there is much more information to discover in the Magento webinar, including details about the responsive Admin panel, this information provides some compelling reasons to choose Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0. Are you interested in learning more? Contact our team of Certified Magento 2.0 developers

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