Fear Not, We All Have B2B Marketing Issues

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How to Overcome Common B2B Marketing Obstacles

top-b2b-content-marketing-challenges-IMAGE.jpgLike any other marketing campaign, B2B marketing has its own set of challenges. As a company, you should be aware of possible obstacles you may encounter. Identifying these obstacles before they become too large of a problem will allow for a solution to be created quickly. While every company experiences their own unique set of challenges, there are some mutual problems we all seem to face when it comes to B2B marketing.

Three Common B2B Marketing Challenges

With the ever-evolving B2B marketing world, it is normal for companies to experience challenges. While these obstacles may give your marketing team a run for their money, there is no need to freak out; the Briteskies team has you covered. Below we review some of the most common B2B marketing challenges your company may face and suggested solutions to overcome them.

Problem: Lack of Connection and Loyalty

This is a common challenge B2B marketers are facing. It is becoming increasingly more difficulty to establish a connection with customers and keep customers loyal to your brand. As technology continues to advance, more and more business transactions are being completed through electronic devices and online. With the amplified use of technology comes reduced face-to-face time between the provider and the customer. This lack of face-to-face interaction creates a cold sales process that makes it difficult to establish a memorable bond with your client.


Keep personalization in mind and cater to your customer. For example, send your customer surveys, and ask them questions throughout their time with you. This level of engagement allows for constant and open dialogue with your customer. This open channel of communication enables you to build a strong bond with your customer. Your company will also gain more insight into the customer’s needs and wants for this and other projects. Having this information will help you to cement your business relationship. 

Problem: Knowing the Buyer’s Journey

This is a critical step when launching a successful content marketing campaign, therefore it is important for your company to understand your buyer’s journey. Content marketing is heavily focused on the buyer’s decision-making process, but many companies have difficulty creating a detailed overview of this process. Only 15% of companies say they firmly understand their client’s journey, and without a strong understanding of your buyer’s journey it may be hard to have effective content.   

Often times your company knows a semblance of the buyer’s decision-making process, but you are missing critical decision-making points. The reason many companies are having trouble mapping out their customer’s journey is because they are incorrectly tracking their funnels and marketing channels. 


Invest in marketing tools that give your company the power to measure all available data, and track everything, including data that is not usually analyzed or considered important. The missing information may come from a funnel or marketing channel not generally tracked by marketing platforms.

Creating detailed buyer personas may also help you to further understand your buyer’s journey. As a result of creating buyer personas you are learning more in-depth about the needs of your buyers, and what content will pique their interest. Remember to never stop editing that buyer persona, because as time goes on, the decision-making process will change. As the process changes, reevaluate your buyer personas so your company’s data stays relevant and reliable.   

Problem: Budget

Know where to invest your B2B marketing budget. Different marketing platforms and campaign ideas are constantly popping up, and each one seems to have its own set of abilities. It can be a challenge to determine which platform is the most useful and cost-effective for your B2B marketing needs. It can also be a challenge to act efficiently when dealing with a budget. Your company may be afraid to take the final leap and fully commit to a marketing platform and/or campaign. This will slow down your rate of outreach and, in turn, affect your growth.


While is it important to act wisely, you must also act timely. Make a list of your company’s must haves in a system and prioritize them. Realize that no one platform will have everything you need. Research the different marketing platforms and campaigns for pain points and positive attributes, read reviews, and ask the provider questions. Gather all of the data you need before making your decision. Keep in mind, depending upon your needs, it might be useful for your company to have a variety of platforms instead of just one.

Stay Calm and Update Everything

B2B marketing challenges are inevitable in the ever-changing world of marketing. There are so many options available to companies today that it can become overwhelming to keep up. A common theme shared by all the problems listed above is lack of information. B2B companies are not tracking enough data points. When it comes to marketing data, the shelf life can be short, so remember to update your company’s data on a regular basis. Do not be afraid to seek help and, most importantly, stay calm, as there is a solution to everything.

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