Free Lifetime Updates with Amasty

Gian Genovesi
June 19, 2017 | 10:30 AM

amasty_logo.svgOn May 31, Magento module and extension provider Amasty announced free lifetime updates for all of their extensions. Customers and users of their over 190 extensions now have free access to updates on new or existing extensions for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. 

Amasty is joining fellow Briteskies partner aheadWorks in offering these free lifetime updates. Back in December, aheadWorks announced they would be providing customers with permanent access to versions with the latest functionality, capabilities, and reliable code for free.

Both aheadWorks and Amasty are making this change because they believe that it’s better for their customers to always have the newest version of their extension. This makes the update process much simpler, especially for those who purchased multiple extensions at different times. There is no longer any concern with keeping subscription updates maintained. 

Perhaps the best part of this announcement? Users will be saving money and gaining the confidence of always being up-to-date with the latest security and features. You pay only once when purchasing the extension and gain access to any future updates. This also encourages a more secure, stable, and feature-rich product, which is crucial for eCommerce.

Of course, a support subscription option is still available. With both companies, customers get three free months of support when they buy an extension and can choose to extend that support for an additional fee. Further renewals will remain 50% off.

We think this is an excellent move by both Amasty and aheadWorks, and it proves their commitment to the success and security of their customers. With most modules and extensions, when a security issue is a found the merchant then has to rebuy the module to ensure that their environment is safe. Now, Amasty and aheadWorks merchants will get those security updates for free.

We encourage other module developers to follow the lead of Amasty and aheadWorks. We think this is a great move for merchants in the Magento community, and we commend both organizations for putting their customers first.

You can read more about the details behind Amasty’s free lifetime updates in their full announcement.

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