Greg Crane's Magento Developer Plus Certification

Hannah Gierosky

big_developer_plus.pngCongratulations to Briteskies team member Greg Crane on his latest Magento certification!

Greg, who is also a certified Front End Developer, recently earned his Developer Plus certification. He joins Lead Magento Developer and Network Administrator Derrik Nyomo in holding this particular certification.

With another member of the Magento Team now a certified Developer Plus, Briteskies is more prepared than ever to offer more advanced module development and a more comprehensive knowledge of Magento to clients.

The Developer Plus certification test consists of the same material as the Developer certification test, with the addition of Magento Enterprise-only material. In order to pass the test, you have to achieve or exceed a certain score on both sections of the test, meaning that if you pass the developer section but miss the Enterprise section by even one question, you fail the entire test.

With such a daunting challenge in front of him, Greg studied hard for this test.

“There are tons of study guides out there, and the guide provided by Magento gives you a great starting point.” Some of the guides Greg used were the Magento Best Practices Handbook, Grokking Magento, and How to Pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 Days.

While all of those resources contained helpful information, there is one thing that Greg knows helped him pass the test: experience.

“The thing that really makes you pass the test is just working through and working with Magento.”

As part of his role as a Magento Developer for the Briteskies team, Greg had worked on a particularly challenging module for a client. The module dealt with the inner workings of Magento and involved some advanced tasks that Greg had not encountered before.

“That module helped me pass the test. There were a lot of questions I could answer specifically because of that module. That real-world task made me go in Magento’s code more thoroughly than I previously had. I had to focus on what went on behind the scenes in adding a product to cart and the whole checkout process. This was extremely helpful for the test.”

Additionally, Greg’s work with the Magento database has made him very familiar with the platform, which made answering the database questions on the exam a cinch.

So, what advice does Greg have for future Developer Plus test takers?

“Work with Magento as much as you can, learn how to eliminate wrong answers, take deep breaths, and believe in yourself!”

Congratulations again, Greg, and good luck on your next certification exam: Solution Specialist!

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