IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0

Hannah Gierosky

WCS_V8IBM WebSphere Commerce recently announced the release of WebSphere Commerce V8.0. This version features some new functions to help promote customer service and order management for WebSphere Commerce.

In the official announcement, IBM says that WebSphere Commerce V8.0 will deliver a new approach to eCommerce with an improved business user experience, which will allow merchandisers and marketers to increase their levels of customer engagement, further increasing customer loyalty and revenue, and providing better customer service. Version 8.0 also includes a new customer service capability that enables organizations to provide a seamless experience across digital and call center channels.

IBM Customer Service for WebSphere Commerce

The new Customer Service enhancements allow the customer service representative to experience the same buying process as customers in order to provide assistance with site activities. Representatives can look up customer accounts and orders as a part of the buying experience to help customers with account management. This allows representatives to offer a better support experience for customers.

IBM Management Center for WebSphere Commerce

WCS Version 8.0 features an updated Management Center that uses Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and Spring Framework. Because Spring is open source, developers can more easily customize tools in the Management Center. Additionally, the use of DHTML eliminates the need for Adobe Flash for the Management Center. This update includes a new look for the Management Center user interface as well.

In addition to the enhancements for business users, Version 8.0:

  • Leverages a software platform upgrade to the latest versions of the web application server, database, and integrated developer environment.
  • Incorporates the capabilities of earlier WebSphere Commerce V7.0 feature packs.
  • Provides more streamlined packaging options.
  • Allows businesses to use the Gift Center capability in their physical stores, without the purchase of an additional license.

WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0 will be available for electronic download on November 30, 2015, and as physical media on December 11, 2015. For IBM i customers, a future WCS V8.0 release is scheduled for servers that run on IBM i 7.1 and 7.2 operating systems.

For more information about WCS V8.0, read the full announcement here. Have a WebSphere project you need help with? Contact our team.

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