It's 2015: Wake Up, IBM i Users!


trevor_perry_guest_blogIn 1988, System/34 and System/38 were replaced with AS/400. We universally accepted this amazing new server and never once referenced it by one of the predecessor names.

In 2008, System i and System p were replaced with Power Systems. We universally ignored this amazing new server and continue to reference the platform by one of its old brands.

What happened in that 30 years?

You. You happened. You, the person who uses the AS/400 brand and has 999 excuses for using it. It is, however, just a bunch of old and tired excuses. You never made an excuse when the AS/400 arrived. Why are you making excuses now? Easy. You are tired. You have been in this job a long time, and in 30 years, you have settled into your comfortable position. I expect there are a couple of holes in the seat of your chair where your butt cheeks fit. In 30 years, how much have you got off that behind and learned something NEW?

Did you know that IBM i has evolved far beyond OS/400? Did you know that IBM i runs on a NEW IBM server called Power Systems? Did you know that IBM i is now at a release called IBM i 7.2, which has already had 2 Technology Refreshes with major updates to the operating system, languages, database, security, etc.?

Did you know that IBM i can run PHP, Ruby, Python, node.js NATIVELY? Did you know that there are many NATIVE graphical user interfaces for IBM i? Did you know that IBM i is now managed using a graphical user interface tool?

Maybe you are one of the few who keeps up with the industry. From what I see, there is a severe lack of knowledge when it comes to the platform in 2015. In 1988, we did everything we could to learn this new amazing AS/400 platform, and in 2015, we think we know everything. And we don’t.

I ask you this question: What is wrong with calling the platform by its current brand – IBM i?

Look at all your excuses, and realize they are just that – excuses.

  • IBM changed the name a few times. Since 2008, it has been IBM i and there are no plans to rename it.
  • IBM did not change the name to annoy you personally. It was part of their overall branding strategy. Not good ones, as it turns out, but they have gotten back on track.
  • IBM i is no longer OS/400 – it has evolved so far beyond what the AS/400 could do.
  • IBM does not market IBM i specifically. It does market IBM i as part of their overall Power Systems marketing. This includes overlap from the money they are spending on Linux on Power.
  • IBM i is an operating system. You don’t say “The Windows” and you don’t say “The IBM i.” That smacks of you thinking that the system is one box with everything in it. It is not. It is an Operating System that runs on a server named Power Systems.

And finally, get the brand right. It is IBM i. With a space.

It is not IBMi. It is not IBM-i. It is no longer i. It is not Power i. It is not AS/400. It is not iSeries. It is not Seriesi. It is not System i.

IBM i: the best operating system for business on the planet.

Power Systems: the best business server on the planet.

Will YOU throw out all your excuses? Will YOU step up to IBM i?

The future of the platform is in YOUR hands.

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