JD Edwards goes Agile

Hannah Gierosky

As our JD Edwards Delivery Director Dave Balser learned at this year’s JDE Summit event, Oracle is moving towards the Agile method when it comes to releasing updated functionality for both the World and EnterpriseOne platforms. In a previous post, Dave wrote, “Instead of large upgrade projects that occur once every five years or so, JD Edwards wants to move clients to consume innovation through a series of smaller, bite-sized uplift projects that occur on a regular and perpetual basis.”

What to Expect

This major change in the Oracle update process affects JDE customers by making it easier for JD Edwards shops to upgrade their ERP system. The JD Edwards brand formerly offered updates at a much less frequent pace. This led to updates becoming daunting tasks that customers were less likely to undertake.

agileAdditionally, this change trickled down into the development process, which the Briteskies Team enthusiastically adopted. Dave, who recently received his Scrum Master certificate, a step in the Agile certification course, has begun to incorporate aspects of Agile into the Oracle suite project methodology. By trading components of the Waterfall method, which is a more rigid project approach, for the more flexible Agile process, Dave and his team can deliver quicker results. Also, clients now have even more opportunities for input and adjustments throughout the development process.

With JDE employing aspects of the Agile methodology in their update process, and development teams adopting the methods as well, customers will begin to see a more manageable, less intimidating Oracle suite.

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