JD Edwards Team Looks for Home Runs, Championship in 2012

Bill Onion
April 4, 2012 | 1:52 PM

Just as sports teams have good seasons and bad, so do businesses; big names such as GM, McDonald’s and Facebook have all seen their fair share of profit-loss, product launch missteps and consumer distrust. For as much as I’ll always be a die-hard proponent, JD Edwards is no different; the early 2000s hit JDE hard, as the market downturn and competition rendered its reputation weak within the industry. Being the robust technology company that they are though, JDE execs have quickly refocused their attention and I’m really quite excited about what I learned at the JD Edwards Business Partner Summit. It looks as though the JDE team is gearing up for a championship season.

Get to the 9′s!

If there was a theme to the Summit, it must have been upgrading and enhancing. A company, especially within the technology sector, must adopt, adapt and advance. JD Edwards executives demonstrated they’re making it a top priority to improve the features, functions and usability of both the World and Enterprise One systems. A current JDE marketing push, including the Get to the 9′s slogan, features dedicated web domains such as as an interactive way to illustrate the company’s enthusiasm regarding these initiatives. Moreover, action plans have been created as far out into the future as 2026, a definite sign of dedication on part of JDE, both to the products and services, and customer as well.

Going Social

Let’s face it: social media has become a staple in marketing and business initiatives; you can “Like” a company, “Tweet” an article (do be sure to tweet this one), “Follow” a business and “+1″ your interests. JD Edwards hasn’t simply followed suit, but is taking a commanding lead in the ERP social media circles (three executives have attracted almost 1,000 twitter followers combined; see @lyleekdahl, @kembutler and @johnaschiff). JDE also has its own YouTube channel, placing the power of knowledge at the finger tips of its customers. Some executives have also taken to blog posting (they’re quite good). The information these guys provide and the conversations they start are indicative of their passion for JD Edwards, and it’s contagious.

Hello, this is Mobile

For me, the most exciting news was that JD Edwards is going mobile. Beginning this past December with tools for JD Edwards Enterprise One on the iPad and now pressing forward to include smart phone applications and responsive platforms, JD Edwards is exemplifying what it is to be a technology firm being the first major ERP organization to embrace these types of devices. Though only certain functions are supported today, the team in Denver is feverishly working to release new features and capabilities. Kudos to the JD Edwards team for all their passion and hard work; I’m excited about the direction in which they’re headed. As an Oracle Gold Partner, all of us at Briteskies are proud to support them and their latest endeavors.

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