JD Edwards World Field-Level Security

Bill Onion

jde_field-level_security.pngIn today’s business climate, companies need to restrict access to certain data more and more. This is especially true in larger companies, and particularly for publicly traded firms. Oracle/JDE has recognized this need and has added the necessary capability to newer versions of JD Edwards, both EnterpriseOne and World.

Unfortunately, this capability is not available for older versions of JDE World, but many of these companies still need to secure certain data elements and need some version of field-level security. Given this, what are the options available for these companies? What can be done to deliver a straightforward solution?

Field-Level Security Options for JDE World

There are three basic options available for companies running older versions of JDE World:

Upgrade JDE World: Oracle JDE added this functionality to JDE World version A9.3. Upgrading to this version allows a company to leverage the native capabilities of JDE World. This can be part of a larger business case for upgrading the JDE World software.

Build a Custom Solution: Another option would be to build a custom solution for this. This option allows the organization to tailor the solution to their specific needs, but takes a good amount of time and requires extensive JD Edwards World expertise.

The Briteskies Solution: Our talented team has built a custom solution to deliver field-level security for JDE World. This solution delivers basic field-level security for World customers and has been validated across multiple clients.

The Briteskies Solution

Our custom solutions has two main components: the field-level security configuration screen and the targeted application.

Security Configuration Screen: This application allows the business user to configure the field-level security. This provides the ability to configure by named user, user group, or all users. This also allows the users to be configured to have all access, read access, or no access to the field. A key point is that the native capabilities in A9.3 either gives the user access or completely hides the data. This custom solution does allow for read-only access to the data.

Targeted Applications: This custom solution does require a small customization to each targeted application. The base RPG program has a small piece of code added to it (think of a copybook) and the Display file also has a few small changes. These coding changes can be performed by our team or by the client, depending on the needs of the project.

Setup and Configuration: Once all of the code is installed, the configuration is a snap! Any JDE World Business Analyst is able to complete this step. The configuration screen is configured to identify which fields in which files need to be secured. This is then associated with the desired applications. Once the steps are completed, the system is in effect immediately – no restarts and nobody needs to log off.


This solution is designed to be a simple and quick answer to the field-level security problem. It provides a process that can be implemented in a couple of afternoons, allowing data to be secured quickly and easily. This can also be used as a bridge to an upgrade of JDE World; it can provide short-term security while the upgrade is in progress. 

Have a question about how this custom solution could work for your organization? Give us a call.

Not sure what to do with JDE World? Review your upgrade options here.

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