JDE eCommerce Solutions for ERP2Web Users

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Running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and need an ERP2Web replacement?

Servicing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne shops, ERP2Web provided an eCommerce solution that integrated well with a company's backend ERP. With the end-of-life (EOL) announcement of the ERP2Web eCommerce suite from Fiserv, B2B companies find themselves searching for viable alternatives for creating eCommerce platforms that integrate with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Noticing the gap in the industry, Briteskies is assisting companies in creating robust, customized eCommerce solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing EnterpriseOne ERPs. Leveraging Adobe Commerce, formally known as Magento, we have helped companies architect, develop, and test, eCommerce integrations with platforms including EnterpriseOne, SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, and more. 

If you're currently running ERP2Web, our team can assist with presenting options for alternatives specific to your eCommerce needs. 

Why a Bolt-On eCommerce Solution like ERP2Web is not your only option

While your ERP2Web may have been a good solution when implemented, now that it is sunsetting and you're considering other options, be sure to give ample thought to utilizing a full eCommerce solution.

While bolt-on options like ERP2Web are usually relatively quick to set up, they are limited by functionality and compatibility. With full eCommerce solutions like Adobe Commerce, you are exposed to essential enhancements such as:  

  • Flexibility and customization due to open-source capabilities
  • Streamlined order processing through backend integration
  • Real-time data access for inventory and pricing
  • Multilingual and multiplatform integration support
  • Easy integration with third-party plugins 
  • SEO-friendly features with optimized URLs, XML and tracking analytics

Benefits of using an integrated eCommerce solution like Adobe Commerce

As integration experts, we've been around the block a few times and our integration solutions tackle projects from a JD Edwards functional, technical, and eCommerce Marketing approach.

Marketing Functionality of Adobe Commerce

By understanding all aspects of your business, our team is able to design an eCommerce solution designed to help increase omnichannel ordering. Leveraging existing Magento functions, Adobe Commerce is able to assist your marketing team by providing customer data for increasing revenue. The easy-to-manage UI can also be easily manipulated to allow for banner ads, specific product promotion, and is effortlessly scalable so it can grow with your company. 

IT Functionality of Adobe Commerce

This ensures that the communication between the Magento e-commerce platform and your JDE system is seamless, the Briteskies team works together with your JD Edwards team to create back-and-forth data points for customer, sales, and product data in order to foster a cohesive and efficient operational environment.

Using best practices of JDE and eCommerce solutions, our team provides a clean and organized implementation of the two platforms resulting in a singular data structure designed to help your company thrive. 

Learn more about what we can do to support your eCommerce and JDE integration needs.

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