Is Your JDE System Fully Integrated for B2B eCommerce?

Bill Onion
April 17, 2014 | 5:25 PM

In today’s online marketplace, customers expect to instantly find the products and services they need. As the focus on B2C eCommerce has grown so have the expectations for B2B eCommerce capabilities. B2B customers have come to expect the same speed and simplicity associated with the B2C online buying experience.  

Developing an eCommerce Strategy

Implementing a B2B or B2C eCommerce site and integrating it into your ERP can be daunting for many organizations. Integration requires careful planning and consideration, but if executed properly, can deliver tremendous value to the company. Developing a robust and efficient strategy that includes data flow, business logic and an integration methodology that is supported throughout the organization is essential for success. Maximizing the value and extending the functionality of your ERP should continue to be a priority after it is tied to your commerce engine to fully realize the benefits of the integration project. 

jde-ecommerce.jpgIntegrating with JDE

A B2B eCommerce integration project is a natural progression for an organization already operating JD Edwards. Most companies running JD Edwards are operating in the B2B space, and by adopting B2C practices can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their back office processes. Using a more sophisticated integration strategy, B2B companies can leverage the combined power of the JDE system and the online channel to simultaneously increase revenues and drive costs out of the organization.   

Business Services Tools

The JD Edwards response to assist B2B organizations in reaching their integration goals is Business Services tools. These tools, referred to specifically as "Business Services in JDE EnterpriseOne" and as "Service Enablement in JDE World," facilitate complex B2B eCommerce integrations. These tools give companies the ability to securely access JDE data and business logic and link this functionality with the eCommerce platform, thus providing a seamless shopping experience within the eCommerce system. Both JD Edwards and the eCommerce system can work together without compromising their individual integrity.

While integrating an eCommerce system to JD Edwards can be complicated, organizations which take the time to plan appropriately, identify key strategies and fully leverage the features provided in both their eCommerce and ERP systems can realize the benefits of a successful B2B eCommerce implementation project. 

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