Magento and ERP Integration Successes

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Learn how to successfully integrate Magento with an ERP

We are proud to announce two recent ERP and Magento eCommerce integration projects that are under way. Read the premise of each solution below, and stay tuned for the full case studies. 

Magento 2.0 Upgrade and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration

W.S. Darley & Co. is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of firefighting, defense, and emergency services equipment. They build fire trucks and a variety of pumps, including fire, water purification, and fuel transfer pumps, as well as additional emergency and special operations equipment. On their eCommerce site,, customers can find a great selection of gear including boots, gloves, rescue tools, hoses, water supplies, nozzles, foam, and hazmat equipment. was operating on Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14  and primarily serving as a B2C shopping destination. Darley wanted to take advantage of their existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation and integrate with Magento in order to provide B2B ordering functionality.

In order to meet these B2B eCommerce demands, Darley is working with our team to replatform their Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 site to Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and then build a full integration to the existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne instance. Fully integrating with the JDE backend functionality allows their customers to order online, reducing human intervention on the ordering process, and increasing Darley’s eCommerce sales in general.

Magento B2B Implementation and SAP Integration

Lapp Group USA is the North American branch of a German wire and cable production and distribution company. They sell cables and connectors to original equipment manufacturers and distributors in industries including automotive, machinery, robotics, medical electronics, food and beverage, telecommunications, transportation, and more. While they sell the cable itself, Lapp also sells whatever goes into the cable, such as data transfer cables.

Lapp USA decided to implement a B2B eCommerce site to keep up with competitors and reduce the number of orders they get by phone, fax, and email. They wanted to reduce the human element of the ordering process so those team members could instead focus on other things like revenue and sales generation. The Lapp team and our eCommerce experts decided to implement Magento Enterprise Edition and tightly integrate it with SAP R3 to establish B2B eCommerce functionality.

There were some unknowns that challenged our team during this project. For example, Lapp Germany hosts a world-class data center for all of their IT systems worldwide. However, they did not have experience hosting a Magento site. Additionally, Lapp USA had never sold anything online before, so there was no precedent for anticipated site traffic. Our team used their experience and expertise to overcome these challenges and establish a site that reduces call volume and increases order values.

Want to learn more about these projects? Check back for the full case studies, or sign up to be notified when the case studies are released.  

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