Making the Jump to an Online Store

Taking that first step into the world of eCommerce can be scary, which is why sites such as Etsy are a great place to start when launching your own business. Etsy is designed to take the fear out of being online for the first time. It provides a user-friendly platform when it comes to setting up shop. Because it has a huge following and brand presence, people are more likely to find your product and drive traffic and sales to your site, all of which are key components of any successful eCommerce site. For all of its benefits, however, Etsy does have some limitations, and there comes a time when branching out and creating your own eCommerce site is necessary.  

But how do you know when the time is right? Where do you begin? Reviewing the following benefits of an eCommerce site may help you make the jump successfully.

Appearance and Reputationown-ecommerce.jpg

When it comes to eCommerce sites, user experience is a key component of establishing a relationship with a customer. The freedom that comes with owning your own site allows you to have full control over design decisions. With all Etsy stores looking and feeling the same, it can be hard for customers to remember your shop specifically. Having your own site means having control over the look and feel of your business. This allows you to cater to your customer’s specific needs and expectations. 

Owning your own website creates a more established feel for your business, which can influence not only your customers, but potential media and advertising partners as well. As this article states, “having a website adds a level of professionalism to your handmade business.” Owning your own site lets your customers know that this is a business, not just a hobby.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is a crucial aspect of driving business to your site, as well as keeping your customers coming back for more. Owning your own site gives you the advantage of setting up your own marketing campaigns on your site. Unlike with third-party sites, your products are not being compared to other similar products when you have your own site. All suggested items, cross sells, and upsells are your products, which is great for business.

Owning a domain is helpful when advertising as well. It is much easier to advertise your personal URL than a shop on Etsy. Plus, it allows recommendations to lead straight back to your site instead of the Etsy homepage. Additionally, having your own domain improves your Google search rankings.

Future Growth

Any small business owner wants to keep their options open for the future growth of their company, and having your own eCommerce site is the best way to do that in this industry. When operating your site through a third party, you give control of your site and business to someone else who dictates the look, feel and potentially the operations of your site. Owning your own eCommerce site puts the control of your site and its future back in your hands.

So, if you think you’re ready to make the jump to an online store the next step is to find an eCommerce platform that will get you to that next level. 

Download 5 Questions to ask yourself before starting an eCommerce project.


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