Mantra of the Month Winner: Nathan

Hannah Gierosky


Congratulations to Nathan Giri, our most recent Monthly Mantra Award winner!

Nathan was nominated by a coworker for the Clear and Open Communication award: Good news needs to be known, but bad news needs to be known right now. We as a team strive to deliver all news, but particularly bad news, quickly, honestly and personally. Then, we develop a solution.

Nathan’s nomination mentioned his work with his primary client, Alliance Petroleum, and his tendency to quickly address any issues or concerns that may arise with them. As a result of this exceptional communication, Nathan has developed a close working relationship with them that is grounded in mutual respect and trust. The folks at APC know that Nathan is going to take care of them and their organization.


Nathan’s communication skills also extend to his coworkers. As the lead developer he assists the team in determining priorities and managing expectations.

“I always believe that clear and open communication is the key to any success,” Nathan said. He applies that at Briteskies by listening to what his customer needs from him, then works with team members and the customer to accomplish the tasks at hand and produce results.

Congratulations again, Nathan, and keep up the good work!



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