Mantra of the Month Winner: Stefanie Rhine

Hannah Gierosky


Our most recent Mantra of the Month winner is Business Continuity Manager Stefanie Rhine. The Mantra Stefanie was nominated for is “People First,” which asks the questions, “Will this decision positively impact the people we work with whether it be team members, partners, vendors, or customers? Does it focus on teaching, training, coaching, or mentoring to help develop and encourage people to grow personally and professionally?” No matter the task at hand, Stefanie accomplishes her goals while maintaining a People First attitude.

While her official title may be Business Continuity Manager, when asked what Stefanie does, most people will respond with, “everything!” In her nomination, Stefanie’s coworker had this to say about her dedication to others:

Every time there is a question or issue that affects an employee, whether payroll or benefits area, Stefanie addresses it quickly and professionally. Even if she does not have the answer, she responds to the employee to let them know she is addressing their concern. Her efforts go a long way towards making Briteskies the company that it is.

For Stefanie, the People First attitude extends beyond her professional interactions and into everyday life.

I remember my first impression of Briteskies being that it is a company that really cares about its people, whether they are customers or employees. I have always lived my life trying to treat others as I would like to be treated. It is nice to know one’s efforts are meaningful and acknowledged.

 We appreciate all that you do, Stefanie! Congratulations!

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