Say Hello to Our Magento Team: Matt


As one of the newest members of the Magento Marketing and Business Development team, I wanted a chance to get to know the different members of the team that our clients work with betterMeet Matt.  

I decided to get started with the person with whom I have the most interaction, our Delivery Manager, Matt.  

As the team Delivery Manager, he works closely with all members of the team ensuring that work is being seamlessly delivered to our clients. Matt meets regularly with our Implementation clients to review project progress and, with our Managed Services clients, to stay up to date on standard growth and support work that needs to be done, including system upgrades (EOS for Magento 2.4.3 and older is November 28th, 2022).  

Matt came to Cleveland from his home state of Maryland to study Economics at Case Western Reserve University. He heard about Briteskies from a friend and employee. After working as an intern, Matt was offered a full-time position as a Business Analyst and has been with Briteskies for over 8 years now, recently taking over the role of Delivery Manager.  

Matt’s favorite thing about the work he does is collaborating with his team, a group of people he genuinely enjoys spending time with, and the satisfaction of creating eCommerce solutions for our clients.  

I personally love working with Matt. He brings a fun and focused energy to everything he does. He is always there to talk about the most recent sporting event or joke around in between his meetings.   

Follow along as I get to know the rest of our Magento Team!

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