Modernizing Your Web Presence Using WordPress

Michelle Kowalski

modernizing with wordpress.pngIt goes without saying that having an updated, informative website is a must for any organization these days. Sometimes, however, taking on a big website overhaul just isn’t an option for your company’s resources. That’s where utilizing an affordable platform like WordPress can come into play.

We had a client who had 20 subsidiary websites they were responsible for maintaining, and all of them were run on a difficult-to-manage platform. They needed to move these sites to a more user-friendly platform. We worked with them to leverage WordPress to meet their needs and their budget.

WordPress Themes and Customizations

One of the benefits of working with WordPress to modernize your site is that WordPress themes are easy to customize in order to create different looks across different sites. So, for this client’s case, we used one theme across all 20 of their subsidiary websites, but the options available within the theme means that each of the sites has a unique design.

By changing the header layout, colors, logos, and main images of a site, it takes on an entirely new look, even when created using the same theme as another site. By customizing those aspects of each site as well as migrating over the clients’ existing content, we were able to develop a streamlined process for moving a large number of sites over to an easier-to-use platform.

After customizing the sites and migrating the content, our process then includes some training for the client team so that they can confidently update their site as needed.

One thing to keep in mind when attempting this kind of update is that, while we can work with whatever content you have, you need to actually have content. This includes website text as well as images, videos, or other forms of content users may be interested in like blogs or case studies. Most modern websites require much more imagery than sites of the past, so having a lot of high-quality images as well as informational content will make the updating process much smoother.

For this client, a WordPress migration took them from being unable to manage their content to easily being able to make changes to their site. WordPress is easy for business users to navigate without needing the help of a developer to simply change some content. Additionally, with the amount of plugins and customizations available, you can create a unique site that is still easy to manage. 

Four Things to Have Ready When Updating and Moving Your Site

  1. Your logo and colors - Your logo will ideally be saved in a live (vector) file.
  2. Any and all imagery you have - This includes everything on your existing site and anything else you can find, especially large scale, high-quality images.
  3. Updated information - If you have added new services, or the information on your site is no longer relevant since you last updated your site, make sure that new content is ready to go.
  4. TimeYou will need to allot some time to invest in reviewing your new site. In our experience, once you see the new layout you will have some new ideas or additional content to add.

Are you interested in updating your site using WordPress? Contact our team to get started.

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