iMUG, A Midwest User Group for IBM i Users

Leah Avner

Briteskies is excited to announce an IBM i Midwest User Group. While officially aiming to serve the Midwest region of the United States, the Midwest User Group, or iMUG for short, is open to all looking to expand their knowledge of the platform.

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With presentations by well-known IBM champions and experts, iMUG was founded in order to provide quarterly educational sessions of best practices, tips and tricks, and round table discussions about pertinent issues and topics related to the IBM i.

Initially, all webinars and events will be held virtually, with the ultimate goal of creating in-person sessions based on the Midwest geography of members. While Briteskies will serve as the responsible party for finding speakers, maintaining the site integrity, and promoting events, we are dedicated to the platform being for education, not sales.

“We’re looking for a place to educate the community as well as ourselves. iMUG is not a place for our own self-promotion, that’s why we’re keeping membership free and why when choosing speakers, we’re looking for people who can share expert knowledge.”

User group sign-ups are kept separate from Briteskies customers, unless users opt-in to receiving communication from Briteskies.

The first event will take place virtually, on October 16 at 6pm EST. Simon Hutchinson will be discussing “Simon’s Top 10 SQL Favorites”. This presentation will not be recorded.

Interested in sharing your own expertise or have a topic you’d like addressed? Reach out to

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