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Dave Balser
jd-edwards-world-ibm-i-solutionsUpgrading your JD Edwards World version will not only provide you with guaranteed Oracle support, but improved functionality as well. Here’s a brief look at A9.3 and A9.3.1, and why upgrading will be critical not only to retain support, but for complete success with JDE.

During Oracle Open World 2012, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, was quoted as saying, 

JD Edwards…is something we’re going to [continue to] invest in…that’s a very strategic product line for us.

As part of this commitment, Oracle released A9.3 and A9.3.1. These releases provide JDE clients with the ability to access powerful information through enhanced business processes, reduce cost with streamlined workflows and improve control and visibility within the entire organization.

Equally important as new and improved functionality is this: JD Edwards World clients will want to seriously consider upgrading in order to maintain Oracle support levels. Premier and extended support of A7.3 and A8.1 will end without the opportunity for renewal in December 2013.

While sustaining support is indefinite, it simply keeps your JD Edwards installation running; it doesn’t cover break/fix or critical patches as Extended does, and it doesn’t compare with the full spectrum support of Premier.

JD Edwards World version A9.3 features a number of improvements in ease of use and workflow development; A9.3.1 includes further enhancements to these improvements. Here’s a few of the many features an organization can look forward to upon upgrading JDE World.

A9.3 Electronic Document Delivery

Though EDD was introduced in A9.2, A9.3 provided a more flexible, user-friendly version. EDD 9.3 works in accordance with Import/Export and, through an improved integration with Oracle BI Publisher, it now supports direct printing, graphs and table generation.

A9.3.1 Electronic Document Delivery

The A9.3 Update 1 release features the addition of archiving, including the ability to route placements based on bursting criteria.

A9.3 Role-Based Security

This feature of World allows organizations to define visibility to data based on role and/or group. Processes are now unified with the ability to set multiple security roles per user.

A9.3.1 Field-Based Security

Oracle further improves upon the multiple functions of role-based security by adding an additional layer of field-based security. This means that users can be much more specific regarding permissions, which saves time and aggravation across the business.

A9.3 XML Import

Enhancements to Import, based on JD Edwards World user requests, now include XML documents, including the ability to transform documents into the XSD Document format using an EDD transformational template.

A9.3.1 Import/Export

A9.3.1 extends XML export capabilities to support export of a formatted XML spreadsheet. It is now possible to export a spreadsheet and open it without having to reset the formatting of the spreadsheet.

These new features are only a small sampling of what Oracle has improved upon in the JD Edwards World application. Briteskies is proud to say that some of our own JDE clients are already committed to upgrading, knowing that as long as Oracle continues to invest in JD Edwards, their business can grow safely and securely.

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