Our Holiday Wish List

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...but we've all been REALLY GOOD this year!

Sharing joy and spreading cheer; family, laughter, love and health; that's what the holidays are really about. Briteskies wishes you all of these and more, now and throughout the year.

But presents and expensive toys are fun to dream about, on occasion; and hoping for something (even completely unrealistic things) is what keeps the spirit of Papai Noel, Kanakaloka, Swiety Mikolaj or Santa Claus alive.

While many of us are requesting items that we'll probably continue to covet, some of us have requested modest, quite frankly humbling things.

The Challenge:

Can you determine which team member asked for what? Leave your answers in the comment section below, or tweet @nobrowncow what you think. For an added twist, someone will remain completely anonymous; get guessing, good luck and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Can I have:

  • A limo with a personal driver
  • An unlimited flight pass
  • A Honda VFR 1200f
  • A Stuart Huges MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition
  • 18 Holes at Augusta with Tiger Woods
  • A Blue Bentley
  • The Winning Powerball Ticket
  • The promise that my child will always have a happy life
  • A Red Ryder BB gun
  • A BMW M5
  • A crystal ball and matching magic wand
  • A new car
  • A new Ralph Lauren hat, affectionately known as Claude
  • Round trip tickets to Poland
  • A Jack Russell Terrier puppy

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