Planning for the Future with the IBM i Roadmap

Bill Onion
September 18, 2017 | 10:30 AM

Thousands of business and organizations rely on the dependability and security of the IBM i platform, and IBM i continues to show its commitment to customers by continually investing in the operating system. One of the ways it has done that is through Technology Refreshes.

Starting with the announcement of IBM i 7.1, IBM committed to agile development and delivery so that new features and functions could be released more frequently than a full operating system release. Through 11 Technology Refreshes for IBM i 7.1 and four for IBM i 7.2, users have been able to access the latest technology from IBM sooner than they had before.

Following that pattern, IBM will continue to distribute new features and functions for IBM I 7.3 moving forward. How do we know this? The IBM i Support Roadmap. 

IBM i Roadmap.png

Few, if any, operating systems have a published support roadmap through 2026, but that is exactly what IBM offers IBM i users. And, as new releases are announced, the roadmap will be updated to reflect the associated support dates. 

From IBM:

IBM’s software support and life cycle strategy reflects the fact that most companies using IBM i run their most critical business applications on the platform. This strategy includes the practice of supporting an IBM i release until the next two releases have been made available, plus at least 24 months—which translates to approximately six years of support. Automated operating system upgrades are available to easily move up to the next two releases providing for an ongoing supported IBM i environment.

With the availability of the IBM i Support Roadmap, users can easily plan ahead for those nearly six years of support. Do you have an IBM i upgrade or support project that needs the help of an expert team? Contact us.

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