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In this edition of "Say Hello to our Magento Team", I continue spending time with members of the team to learn more about them and what they do to support our Adobe Commerce customers. For this blog, I had the pleasure of getting to know our Scrum Master Rich a bit more. Meet Rich 

Operating in the role of Scrum Master, Rich coordinates the daily Scrum, Sprint planning, Sprint review, and Sprint retrospectives. His work with the development team keeps the development process moving. He also works very closely with Matt our Delivery Manager, someone he speaks very highly of, to keep clients up to date on the work being done for their sites whether that be break-fixes or larger projects like a system upgrade.  

Rich told me how much he enjoyed getting to work with the Briteskies team. He specifically talked about when he and the rest of the team recently met for a retrospective meeting, the team was very willing to share. Something, he said, he had struggled with while working with other teams in his nearly 40-year career in the Info-Tech field.  He appreciated the desire of the team to share their thoughts and ideas about where the project was successful and where they could improve.

Rich shared that he has always had a passion for music, one that continues to this day. While he loves playing music; long-term he decided he wanted to settle into a more stable and predictable career. He started his career as a developer right after completing his degree, and after working for both larger and smaller companies Rich found his place at Briteskies.  

Sharing what he likes most about Britekies, Rich shared that he enjoys the family-like atmosphere. He knows his team well and is able to build better relationships with the people that he works with because he has fewer teams to balance than in his previous position. Rich also feels that his experience and opinions are valued; and that he has a seat at the table. 

Rich has been with Briteskies just about a year and has integrated into our family beautifully, you can always count on him at happy hours, group lunches, or while working in our open office space to share some story that gets us all laughing. I can honestly say, from learning more about his love of music, his family, and the outdoors, that I look forward to getting to know and working with Rich more in the future.  

Next up will be some of our developers. Keep up with me and our team as I get to know each of them better. Get to know the Briteskies team

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