Simplify IBM i Connectivity to Accelerate eCommerce Integration

Daniel Magid

As the environment continues to modernize and adapt, IBM i users are looking to provide “anywhere, anytime, any device” access to their IBM i. Executives are looking to create new sources of revenue by leveraging ecommerce technology like Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento. Salespeople want to be able to check inventory and enter orders via mobile devices. Manufacturers want to gather information directly from the shop floor. Distributors want to get instant updates from their warehouses. Many IBM i users want to streamline business processes by integrating applications that run on disparate platforms.

The great news is that there’s a way to make that happen. By connecting existing core IBM i applications (like JD Edwards) to mobile, web and API technologies, users are able to continue using their proven, reliable IBM i code while taking advantage of newer technology.

By utilizing these modernization options, users have increased web-based revenue and average deal size, all while reducing their own costs by reducing required manual effort in their business processes.

Modernizing existing IBM i based systems is typically done through various middleware tools. Eradani’s middleware tool is unique in that it is specifically designed for IBM i shops.

Knowing that IBM i systems are typically running a company’s core application and thus must be completely secure, Eradani optimizes their IBM i connectors to ensure that user’s web, mobile, and API connections respond at high speed without compromising security.

We want to help IBM i shops take advantage of emerging opportunities and overcome challenges presented by new technology.

Briteskies and Eradani have joined forces to help IBM i shops continue building on their  existing company processes within a secure, eCommerce enabled environment. 

Learn more by joining us on October 14, 2021 for our live webinar titled "Build Your Business with Secure IBM i Enabled eCommerce". 

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